Boxer Oscar De La Hoya says he was ‘raped by a woman when he was 13’ and used fighting to deal with the trauma

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Oscar De La Hoya has revealed that he was raped when he was 13 by a woman in her 30s, while he was competing at a boxing competition in Hawaii.

The Los Angeles-born fighter, now 48 years old, told The Los Angeles Times that he has struggled for decades to accept what happened to him.

He is coming out of retirement to take on Brazilian MMA fighter Vitor Belfort later this month, and said that boxing was a way of dealing with his demons.

‘I was raped at 13 by a woman, an older woman,’ he told the paper. 

‘Thirteen, lost my virginity over being, you know, being raped, basically.

‘I was in Hawaii, I think, at some tournament. She was over 35.’ 

De La Hoya, a father of six nicknamed The Golden Boy for his 1992 Olympic medal, said that his boxing career served as a distraction from his emotional turmoil. 

He had begun boxing as a child, and by 11 was a junior champion, and he still continued with the sport despite the trauma of the abuse.

In 1998, when he was 25, he was accused of having raped a 15 year old in June 1996, at a Mexico hotel. The case was settled out of court in 2001.

From 2007 onwards, De La Hoya battled substance abuse issues, seeking treatment multiple times for alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

In 2019 he was accused of inviting a woman, a registered nurse, to his Pasadena, California home in November 2017. 

It was there, she claimed, that De La Hoya became intoxicated after revealing several bottles of liquor and a bag of ‘what appeared to be cocaine’ in his kitchen.

De La Hoya allegedly brought the woman to his bedroom, where she says he told her about his fetish for transgender porn and asked if she wanted to ‘experiment’ sexually. After she turned down several of his requests, she alleged that De La Hoya grew angry and ultimately ‘held her down with one arm while’ sexually assaulting her. 

He said the allegations were false, and no charges were ever filed. 

De La Hoya said he announced his retirement not because he wanted to but because he thought that’s what he was supposed to do.

‘The next day, deep down inside, it’s like, why did I do that?’ he said. 

‘You try to convince yourself that life is going to get better after you retire.

‘Jesus, you’ve been waiting for this moment all your life. And once you’re retired, once you’re not doing what you love, there’s a big hole.’

De La Hoya said he was struggling.  

‘I have my kids,’ he said. 

‘Have a great relationship with them. Moms are amazing. Everything’s beautiful. 

‘But inside, bro, f****** burning.’ 

De La Hoya said he quit drinking last year, and recently found peace after taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, with a shaman. 

‘I couldn’t be drinking and doing drugs and this and that,’ he said. ‘I’m going to throw my life away, you know?’ 

He said: ‘It went incredible. It was at my house. It was with a shaman.

‘The fact that that shaman came to my life at that particular [time], at that place, it happened for a reason. I feel it saved me. 

‘But it saved me only from my mom and my relationship with her.’

And he said that he had finally overcome his fear to be able to return to the ring.

‘Just scared,’ he said. 

‘Scared of what’s going to happen, scared of the outcome, scared of just pulling the trigger. 

‘I just finally said, ‘You know what? I’m going do it. I’m going to do it for myself.’ 

Source : dailymail

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