The Era of Urban Air Mobility is Coming ! It is a lifestyle, a way of travel; the future is now.

Electric Passenger-grade
Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

Superior to the traditional man piloted aircraft, the design concept of EHang AAV follows three philosophies :

+full redundancy to ensure security.

+autonomous pilot.

+cluster control of the intelligent command and control center.

This eco-friendly and intelligent low-altitude passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle provides a low-altitude short-and-medium-haul transportation solution for the future intelligent transportation.

Autonomous Flight
Real-time Network Connection :

The technology of autonomous flight removes the possibility of failure or malfunction caused by man-made errors. Withoutany concern about controlling or operating the aircraft, the passengers can just sit and enjoy the journey.
Flight routes will be surveyed in advance to preset multiple feasible plans for the user. EHang AAV uses 4G/5G as the
high-speed wireless transmission channel to communication smoothly with the command & control center, thus enablingremote control of the aircraft and real-time transmission of flight data.

Electric Green Power :

EHang AAV uses electric power to reduce harm caused by emission on the environment. The aircraft can be charged
by 220V or 380V power supply in 1 hour at the fastest. The charging devices can communicate in real time with
the aircraft Battery Management System (BMS).

Safety Is Our First Priority :

Redundancy design for all major flight components to ensure flight safety.

—-Hardware Safety—-

Redundancy design of backups for all major flight components.

—-System Safety—-

Multiple flight control systems to enable data transmission and safe operation even in complicated situations.

—-Flight Safety—-

Built-in Fail-Safe system in the flight control system to evaluate the health condition of the aircraft in real-time.

—-Communication Safety—-

Double assurance of the communication system to avoid malicious interference.

—-Contingency Reaction—-

In case of emergency, the command & control center will step in to ensure the safety of passenger and aircraft to the greatest extent.

Comprehensive Management
by the Smart Command & Control Center :

EHang command & control center is equipped with a set of intuitive AAV command and control system that
provides the five core functions of monitoring, dispatching, controlling, early-warning and cluster managemenFlight
Real-time Network Connection :

Flight Testings and Quality Certification :

Hundreds of testing subjects, including static test, load ground test, load flight test, durability test,
reliability test,environmental test, anti-interference test, etc. under all kinds of inclement environments
such as high/low temperature, high humidity, salt spray, typhoon, rainstorm. EHang has been granted with
the certificate of AS9100D International Aerospace & Aviation Quality Management System Standard.

Source : ehang