Jodie Comer stalker terror: police snare Frenchman who threatened to ‘come to England and create carnage’ in sinister messages to Jodie Comer and her family

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Killing Eve star Jodie Comer was left fearing for her life after a French stalker threatened to kill her, before he was arrested by police in France on Tuesday.

The actress, 28 years old, best known for her role as the assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve, alerted authorities after receiving sinister online threats, and an unnamed man, 44, was apprehended after officers stormed his home in the city of Roubaix, France.

Jodie, who was absent from social media while police investigated her case, received terrifying messages from a stalker, including one warning: ‘I am coming to England to create carnage.’

Allegedly It’s thought that technology experts were brought in after Jodie and her family received the threats, which were traced to the  northern French city of Roubaix.

Armed officers raided the man’s home during a dawn raid last month, and held him in custody. Computer files and other technical equipment were seized during the raid, when the man cooperated with officers. 

Prosecutors in Lille, confirmed on Tuesday that the alleged threats from a man, who lives in nearby Roubaix, were ‘a matter of great concern.’ 

A spokesman for Lille prosecutors said: ‘Following an official approach by the British authorities, a man was taken into custody for acts of harassment against an English actress.’

The man is currently on bail while the prosecutors and judicial police wait for the results of a medical examination. The ‘campaign of harassment’ started on social media, and then moved to email when members of Jodie’s immediate family were also threatened.

When the investigation was opened, Jodie was noticeably absent from her Instagram account, failing to post snaps from June 7 and July 20.

The star has since returned to the platform and on Tuesday shared a snap of athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson ahead of her appearance at the Tokyo Olympics.

The star has also since limited comments on her posts, meaning she has control over who can leave comments on her snaps.

In recent weeks Jodie has been filming the fourth and final series of Killing Eve, and was spotted on the show’s set in Margate last month. 

She previously said that she will miss playing her ‘daring’ character Villanelle ahead of Killing Eve’s fourth and final series.

Talking about what she will miss the most about playing assassin Villanelle once Killing Eve airs its fourth and final series, Jodie admitted: ‘Gosh, oh God I’m like: ‘Don’t say that out loud!’ Oh God, I just had so much fun. 

‘As long as there is truth in what you are saying, acting can be big and it can be bold and it can be in your face and it can be a bit ugly and it can be all of these different things like not everything has to be super subtle.

‘I don’t know another word that I can think of, but you know what I mean? I guess just to be a little bit more daring, you know. There’s no need to feel silly about what it is that you may want to do. I’ve just had so much fun.

‘I’ve been in such strange you know, funny situations and met some amazing, amazing people so yeah, I think that’s what I’ll miss the most.’

Source : dailymail

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